- Yes. You can add filter to requirements as per your interested city and industry. For options click on ‘THREE DOTS’ in top right corner
Click on ‘FILTER’
Select ‘REQUIREMENT’ - You can choose from which city and industry you are interested to view the requirements.

- Chat will allow you to send and receive messages from other members of ablifree network. You can send messages via chat to initiate the discussion about your product and services.

-Please go to phone settings and start ‘GPS Location’ of your device. Location based sharing allows you to share your business profile with other nearby business owners automatically. Automatically sharing your business profile will help others to find you easily, thereby increasing your chances of more business connects.

- Ablifree has three important features -

  1. Business connects Connecting with business owners will bring more business opportunities and help in building trust. You can connect with business owners using ‘NEARBY’ feature and explore ‘INDUSTRY NETWORKS’ to know requirements and offerings. You can increase the business connects by sharing your daily business goals, business knowledge or business achievement or business motivations
  2. Share your daily business requirements within the community Sharing business requirements will allow you to fulfil requirements quickly.
  3. Share your business offering with business owners in other cities (other than your home city)

- We have presence in major metro cities and Tier 1, Tier 2 cities in India.

-Please download the mobile application on Android or iOS device. With mobile application you can complete registration step by step.

- Ablifree gives you smart suggestions based on your activity. These smart business owner’s suggestions are most relevant for you. Connect with them and start interaction for more business growth. You can post offering targeted to your customer’s industry and city to get more relevant customers.

- Posting your offerings and requirements to most targeted industry will increase the conversion rate of your customers. Selecting more than 10 industries for posting an offering will reduce the customer conversion rate. Connect with more business owners is also one of the most effective method to gain more business.

- Chat will allow you to send and receive messages from other members of ablifree network. You can send messages via chat to initiate the discussion about your product and services.

Security And Privacy

- Ablifree considers your current location, same as Google Maps and find other business owners in nearby location.

- Your business is not shared with anyone. It is secured, and no one has access to that information.

- Ablifree application is encrypted with 128 bits encryption security methods.

-High security encryption method avoids malware. Download the app from trusted store like Google Playstore and Apple Appstore.

- In case you've forgotten your password, you canreset new password by clicking on ‘FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD?’. You can reset profile password by two methods - one is via email id and other is via registered mobile number. We recommend use mobile number to reset your profile password because it is quick method.
Once you enter your mobile number and OTP will be sent to your mobile number and then you can set the new profile password.


- No. One user can have only one registered email id and mobile number.

- Ablifree shows nearest business owner first. And the more you slide more business cards you can see more visiting cards.

- Ablifree Explore Tab shows ‘INDUSTRY NETWORKS’ which are group of similar industry business owners. You can view requirements and offerings posted in the group.

Yes. Please click on top right corner Options in People Tab. Select ‘TURN SHARE OFF’. This selection will turn off sharing of your profile.

Experience Business Networking On Ablifree App

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